Scarlett Johansson With Victory Rolls

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Scarlett Johansson is wearing the most popular hairstyle that is the victory rolls. It has been one of the most worn hairstyle during the 1940s and most of the celebrities wear it even in the present day. Here is a way to get Scarlett Johansson hairstyle, the victory rolls. While creating this hairstyle, the rolls may not look symmetrical, you can leave it just like that to create a natural look.
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First make a simple part in your hair and create a normal ponytail. Then take the loose hair and make a simple part in the middle of your head. Secure the half of the hair down and brush front layer of your hair to make it smooth. Try to roll your hair around the fingers to create a loop and slip the fingers out gently. Now you can tuck your hair inside the simple loop. Keep your hair secured and try to roll it inwards of your head. After reaching the scalp, try to spread your loop to make a simple roll shape. Secure the rolls in place using a pin. There will be one roll ready over the head and do the same on the other side of your head. At last curl the hair at the back and finger comb the hair. Use the pins to secure the rolls by placing them under and end the styling after misting it with a spray.

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