Add Volume To Straight Hair With Diffuser

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If you are planning to create more volume into your hair just use a diffuser along with a blow drying process. The diffuser is a simple attachment that is mostly used by the hairstylist. To use the diffuser on the straight hair, just follow this simple technique. The diffuser can be used on any type of hair starting from short to long and don’t use it after conditioning your hair.
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After cleaning your hair try to dry it using a normal towel. Then apply a small amount curl-enhancing cream from end of your hair and move towards the root. Now take the blow dryer and attach the diffuser along with it. Use the blow dryer with low speed over the hair starting from the hair root in a circular motion very gently all over. Keep your hair dryer just over the head at 90 degree angle as it can add more volume into your hair. After the hair becomes dry on top the head slightly move to the hair ends by keeping the blow dryer in its original position. Now try to flip the hair slightly upside down for the drying process along with diffuser for another 1 minute. The diffuser can also be used to dry the hair that has been cut. Avoid using the diffuser and the blow dryer immediately after washing your hair as it can spoil your look.

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Using Scissors To Add Volume In Your Hair

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Having a voluminous hair will help in achieving different types of hairstyle. But you must know how to create the volume in the hair if it looks thin. There are various methods that can be used for adding volume in your hair, but you can just use a normal scissor to do this. Just use this simple haircutting method to add volume in the hair with the help of scissors.
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Begin the styling after washing your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Take the hair section in between the fingers for cutting the pointed end with the scissors which can be helpful in adding more volume into your hair. Then take hair from back of the head and start cutting them with the scissors to create the shape. Try to pull scissors into your hair with some little pressure during the trimming process. Use the same technique on the remaining hair section on the other side of the head and try move the scissors in such a way that they move towards back of your head. Now you hair will get a fluffy look which can be shaped as per your desire at the end of the cutting process. Now try to cut the hair at the bottom which must support the hair to grow longer. Go through at the end of your hair to look for any dead hair and try to cut them off using the same scissor.

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