Using Walnut Shells To Prepare Hair Color

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Walnut shells are the perfect product that can be used to prepare your own hair color at home. It is also cheap and available very easily. By preparing hair color with walnut shells you will be able to apply it over any type of hair. It is natural product that has no side effects and can be used by everyone. Just follow these steps to prepare your hair color at home using the walnut shells.
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First take distilled water about 8 cups in a bowl and boil it. Once the distilled water becomes cool, try to mix 2 oz walnut shells, 1 oz of dried sage, 1 oz of dried nettle and 1 oz of dried rosemary into the bowl. Then take 2 tea bags for mixing it in the same bowl and heat it again. Then steep the mixture for about 3-4 hours and take only the liquid out of it in a bottle. Now you must mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into the liquid in the bottle and keep it in a refrigerator for further use. To apply this color over your hair, first wear hand gloves after cleaning your hair with shampoo. Try to shake product in the bottle before applying it over your hair. You can also maintain your hair in a perfect condition by washing it on regular basis. Try to mix 1/4 cup walnut hair color and 1/4 cup of baby shampoo together for washing your hair.

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