Waterfall Hair Color

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Waterfall hair color is a simple hairstyle that can be created with the standard hairstyling products. This method can give your beautiful looking hairstyle along with unique color. Here is a simple technique that can help in achieving this hairstyle at home.
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Start by dividing the hair as three sections with a normal comb and make 2 diagonal parts which must start from crown towards outside. Use a thick color from your styling kit and apply it over the hair on both the parts of your head. Let the color stay on the hair for fifteen minutes and apply the color over the hair roots for better result. Now leave your hair with the color on for another fifteen minutes and rinse the hair parts that have been colored. Secure the uncolored hair separately behind the head and use hair color over your hair back section at the back by taking 1 ΒΌ inch piece. You must use horizontal strokes to spread your hair colors and repeat it again. Now leave your hair once again for around 45 minutes before getting the hair washed fully using a normal shampoo and this will help in removing the loose color out of the hair. Apply a small amount of moisturizing conditioner after the rinsing process to maintain the moisture in your hair, so it can stay away from damage caused by the hair color.

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