Ways To Make Rolled Bun With Straight Hair

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Creating the rolled bun with straight hair is a very easy way oto achieve this hairstyle and it can be perfect choice for those who want a casual as well as edgy look. The bun can be placed either high or low on your head which will appear to roll out from the center. This hairstyle will look very complicated to achieve, but it can be created easily at home. Here is a simple technique that can help to achieve this style easily.
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First pull out a tube sock and cut the bottom foot area just leaving a sleeve-like piece of fabric. Start rolling the sleeve-like piece of fabric itself and start washing the hair completely. Then brush the hair fully once it becomes dry. Create a ponytail using a hair tie and try to keep it as high or low as you wish. Next keep the rolled sock over the ponytail and make sure to keep the center of the ponytail to face directly upwards. Keep the hair from your ponytail evenly on the entire perimeter of sock roll which should cover completely and secure it with another hair tie. At last wrap the leftover tendrils that are hanging from the sides of the bun around base and then secure it with bobby pins. Try to add any hair accessories to make your hairstyle look more interesting and also match it with a proper outfit.

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