Hairstyle With Wedge Bob

wedge bob wedge bob2
A wedge bob is a hairstyle that can give a very much the same look which is achieved with a stacked bob. But this hairstyle can make your hair look more dramatic when compared to other styles. In this hairstyle, the hair that is at the back of the head will be cut with multiple layers and the sides of the head will have long hair that will almost touch your chin. There is only one way to style the hair with the wedge bob that can be done by following these simple steps by sitting at home without any help.
wedge bob3 wedge bob4

wedge bob5 wedge bob6
To get this type of hairstyle, first wash the hair cleanly using texturizing shampoo than using a conditioner on an unwashed hair. Then dry the hair using a towel and use a hair serum all over the head. Now you must use the blow dryer to dry your hair and try to use the round brush with medium-size during the drying process. Once you dry the entire using the blow dryer, then use the same dryer over your hair in sections. After drying the entire hair section, apply a small amount of pomade all over the hair which can make it look textured. This type of hairstyle is normally worn by celebrities who like to have short hair. A normal bob hairstyle is considered to be look very attractive, but this hairstyle can make you look beautiful as well as unique.

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