Dealing With Discoloration Of White Hair

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Discoloration in a white hair can give a bad look for anyone and there are special techniques that can be followed to treat them. There are hair products that have been specially made for hair discoloration, but you must select the right one. The white hair will start to turn yellow in color due to various reasons, but they all can be treated with these following steps. The most common reason that can cause hair discoloration is washing the hair in a swimming pool and water that contains copper also can cause this problem.
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The first method for treating the hair discoloration is by using products such as no deposit shampoo because they can take the buildup caused by various reasons. There are also hair styling products that can remove the color tones caused in your hair. You can also use blue rinse on your hair to make the silver hair bright by removing the brassiness. The hair can also be damaged after the perming due to the chemical used in this process. You can treat this problem by mixing vinegar along with tartar cream and leave it on the hair for minimum of ten minutes before rinsing it using cold water. Another option is using lemon juice on the hair and leaving it on for fifteen minutes before getting the hair rinsed. Try mixing the normal shampoo with baking soda before washing the hair and then use a proper hair conditioner.

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Maintaining White Hair In Its Original Color

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Most of the people don’t prefer to have a white hair, so they try to color it with different shades. But there are few who want to keep their hair by maintaining it in such a way that looks beautiful. In case you want to keep the white hair in its original condition, then maintain it properly with few simple styling options.
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First rinse your hair using vinegar one time in a week which can help to remove the buildup in your hair. You also get a hair glazing treatment which can be the perfect choice to maintain the white hair fully white. Adding glaze in your white hair can also help in closing hair cuticle that can prevent buildup on the hair which leads to the dullness. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo that features violet base as it can help to prevent the hair from changing yellow in color. It is important to condition the white hair after washing it with a shampoo. This can help to seal the cuticle without any dirt that can give your hair a completely shiny look. One of the most important thing to maintain the white hair is checking the water that you use for washing the hair. Some of the water may contain chlorine that can make the hair look dull. Make sure top rinse the hair with clean water after swimming in a pool as they usually contain chlorinated water.

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