Styling A Wig With Hot Roller

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Styling a wig can be a very difficult process as you cannot use some of the styling tools over it as it can get easily damaged. Most of the people would like to curl the wig that is possible only by using a hot roller. By following these steps you will be able to use the hot roller over the wig.
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First brush your wig gently using a vent comb from end of your hair and move towards the root. Then place the wig over the wig stand and take the hot rollers with medium heat. Divide your wig into various parts and secure each of them using clips separately. Mist each of the parts with a spray and start rolling them in the hot roller. Make sure to wrap each of the hair part around the hot roller fully and move straight up towards your hair root before keeping it secured in place using the hair clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining hair parts very gently and leave them on till the wig becomes fully cold. Now take the hot roller out of the wig carefully and adjust the curls gently using your vent comb. End the curling process after misting the entire wig with a normal hairspray. Avoid using the curling over the wig as it can damage it completely and if you are using a synthetic hair wig, try to use only low heat.

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Steps To Clean The Wig Properly

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Maintaining the wig is a very important process and it not like natural hair. There will be frizz in your wig if you fail to treat it in a proper way. Most of the time, the wig will start to look bad after your wash it. So always try to clean the wig with proper methods to keep it without damaging. You must need a wig shampoo and hair conditioner to do this process at home.
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Start the wig cleaning after brushing it properly from top to end to remove the tangles. Then take cold water in a tub and add one tbsp wig shampoo into it. Try to keep the wig inside the tub by using your hands and swirl it for some time. Let the wig stay in the water for at least ten minutes after you twirl it. Now take the wig out of the water and rinse it normally. Take another tub of cold water and keep the wig once again into it and swirl it for the second time in the same way as you did before. Keep the wig in water for five minutes and then pull it out of the water. Now take a tub of water and mix one tbsp hair conditioner. Keep the wig in this water as you did earlier and swirl it again for the final time before drying the wig.

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Taking Hairspray Out Of Your Wig

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Using hairspray on the wig to make it look beautiful can be the best way to prevent the flyaways from it. In case you have used the wrong hairspray on the wig or want to use the hairspray once again, try to take the already present spray out of the wig. You can stay away all these problems it style the wig with the styling products specially made for using on the wig. To remove the hairspray from the wig you must follow a particular method to prevent damage to it.
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Begin the process by combing your wig from its end and move towards the scalp area. Don’t brush the wig too much as you can damage them. Then take warm water in the sink and add normal shampoo in it. Once the shampoo gets mixed properly in the water, try to dip the wig into the water gently. Let the wig stay in the water for about 5 minutes and make sure to swish it gently inside the water. Take the wig out of the warm water and try to blot it using a normal towel which will make it dry. Keep the wig on the stand or in the place where it can hang to make it dry fully. In the morning you can style the wig as per your wish or try to wear it over the head as it is.

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Creating Layers On Your Wig

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Wearing a wig can help in achieving a different look and if you are planning to make the wig to look more unique try to create layers in them. The layers created on the wig can be short or long depending upon your choice. Some of them even create uneven bangs in the wig to make it look completely different.
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First wear the wig on the head after making it damp with water. Take the front part of the wig forward if you want to create the bangs and cut them from tip of the nose in a straight line across the face. Now you can keep the wig over the stand to cut the remaining parts of the hair and make sure it is slightly damp. Take about half inch hair from one ear to another and cut it evenly using normal scissors. Take each side in this hair section straight up to cut it evenly. Use the same procedure to achieve the layers all over the wig. Use hair pins for keeping the hair that was cut separately to prevent any uneven haircut. Once you have completed the haircut all over the wig, use a normal hair brush to comb it from top to bottom. Now you can see that the hair will fall as gradual layers and the hair at the back of the wig will be long. Use a hair dryer on the hair strands over the wig to make it dry.

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Taking Care Of A Fuzzy Wig

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Fuzzy wig can give a bad look while wearing it on the head. You can change its texture using few simple styling methods. This normally occurs due to excess combing of hair and use heat styling tools and other products. Go to a hair specialist if you don’t want to try the following method at home. The hairstylist will use special products on the wig to remove the fuzzy look without causing any damage.
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To start the process, comb the hair using wide-tooth brush starting from end to the scalp on your head. Then take cold water in a tub and mix one tbsp wig shampoo in the water. Make the wig to submerge into the water for three minutes. Next towel dry your hair and apply a little amount of conditioner specially made for the wig. Let the wig become dry and use sharp shears for cutting the end of the wig. Keep the wig over the mannequin and mist the entire wig with the hairspray. Now you can comb the wig using the same wide-tooth brush that was used earlier to make it tangle free. Avoid using hair dryer for making the hair dry as it can make it fuzzy again. If you still see the flyaways on the wig use a fabric softener sheet on the wig to make it smooth. Then style the hair as per your wish and mist it with light-weight spray to end the process.

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Treating Tangles In A Wig

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Synthetic wigs are normally made of human hair that can become tangled very easily if you fail to maintain it in a proper way. There is no need to panic when your synthetic wig gets tangled as it is easy yo make it untangle with few simple styling methods. There are no special treatments needed to control the synthetic wigs as you can do it by following these simple steps.
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First take a bucket full of cold water and place the synthetic wig in it for 3 minutes and after taking it out of the water apply a wig conditioner. Keep the wig aside for five minutes and rinse it using cold water. Make sure that wig is free from the conditioner that was used. Keep your synthetic wig on a stand to make it dry and then mist it with leave-in wig conditioner. Make sure to use the conditioner mainly in places where you find the tangles. You can leave the wig to dry on its own in the night and once it gets dry in the morning try to comb it using a hair brush that is specially made to comb the wig. You can also use a little amount of leave-in hair conditioner all over the wig if needed to keep the tangles in its place. If you see any more tangles in the wig after following this treatment, use the same method 1-2 times again to remove the tangles completely.

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Top Wigs for the Hairs

Wigs are getting popular with each passing day. Celebrities like Tina Turner, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are some prominent faces which make frequent use of wigs.

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It is true that most people wear wigs due to frequent hair loss, but aside from hiding the baldness, some people wear it for fashion purposes. They offer an easy and convenient way to sport the hairstyle of your choice, irrespective of your hair type.



Wigs are available in various sizes and materials. You must choose the ones in which you are comfortable in.


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