Methods To Take Out Wrong Color From Hair

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Coloring hair with a wrong product can spoil your entire look. Most of the time while coloring the hair you will have a different color at time of coloring the hair and other color once it becomes completely dry. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to take the wrong color out of your hair without going to a hairstylist.
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First take four drops clarifying shampoo in a bowl and mix one tbsp baking soda. Then add one tbsp peroxide into the bowl and try to mix it fully. Mist the hair with warm water and start applying the mixing all over the hair from root to end. Then rinse the hair completely and apply the same mixture once again all over before rinsing the hair. Another option is using few drops lemon juice and massage it all over the hair using your hands. Rinse your hair again and add protein-restructuring hair conditioner throughout your hair using your fingers and use warm water for rinsing it out. You can also a leave-in hair conditioner on your hair which will make the hair moisturized which can easily take the wrong color out of the hair. Incase all these methods fail to bring back the actual color of your hair, consult a hair specialist as they can provide a professional support in removing the color out of the hair than trying it at home.

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