Removing Yellow Tones From Silver Hair

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Most of the time people who have a silver hair would see that their hair will start to change into a yellow color and it can be disturbing for many. It is possible to treat this problem but coloring the hair with blue base or a purple base. You can also use shampoos and hair conditioners that able to change the yellow tones on your hair, but it can be used two times in a week to prevent the yellow tones.
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Before starting the coloring, first your must purchase the products that is required for the styling process. You must purchase ounces toner, volume developer, applicator bottle, deep conditioner and gloves. Now you must mix developer along with the toner which must have a blue base. Try to wear hand gloves during the styling process to prevent color from falling on your skin. Start using the mixture on your head and the sections that have yellow tones. The hair may start to absorb color when it is slightly damp, so try to maintain the dampness in the hair while applying the hair color. Leave at least ten minutes for the hair to start losing its yellow tones and turning into light blue shade. Now you can use a warm water for washing the color out of your hair and apply a hair conditioner all over your hair. After five minutes you must rinse the hair once again and style the entire hair as per your wish.

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